Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Want to see something that will make you smile?

Our November calendar!!!

I just scheduled our 1st Post Placement Home Visit  for November 19th. 

AND THEN . . .

I looked at the rest of the calendar.  YIKES!!

Here's what it looks like:

November 1st: Consulate Appointment
November 3rd: Return home from China
November 6th: Austin turns 18--Have his pizza party and icecream cake(at his request) Then he wants to go skydiving and get a tatoo. (Not necessarily in that order. :)  Oh--these young men and a mom's heart!
November 14th: My 42nd Birthday!
November 18th: Leighanne's Gotcha Day Celebration
November 19th: Sara's 14th Birthday and 1st Post Placement appointment. (Should be interesting to swing all of this)
November 24th: Thanksgiving (Celebrate big time--we will be so thankful to be home with our whole family!)
November 28th: Jordan's 17th Birthday(who knows what he will want to do--I better get to asking)

Besides those dates we have 2 nephews who have birthdays and a brother-in-law with a birthday also in the month.

So much for coming home and taking it easy for a few weeks!

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jasnjoj said...

Now THAT is what a blessedly busy calendar looks like! So excited for all of you! (And so glad we get to see you on 10/8, before all that starts!)