Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Consulate Appointment Completed

We completed our consulate appointment this morning around 9:30am.  They consulate told us that the visas should be ready tomorrow morning around 10:30am.  We are currently scheduled on the 4:56pm train out of Guangzhou to Hong Kong, but our guide is currently trying to get it changed to an earlier departure so we won't get to Hong Kong so late.  AMENDMENT:  We are departing on the 12:12pm train to Hong Kong.

Since we were up o early this morning we came back to the hotel for a late breakfast buffet then went up to the room and crashed for a while.  I ventured out to a very local restaurant this afternoon to buy a bunch of dumplings for 12 RMB (about $2 USD) for an early supper.

We also learned late this morning that Julie's cousin in Jacksonville passed away on Saturday with liver cancer.  Please pray for the Bonn family with their loss.  It is times like this that you really miss being at home so you can be there to be with the family.



Nina said...

To...Morrow tomorrow I'm praying for you tomorrow and all the days!!!! Sorry typing it just doesn't sound the same as singing it. God bless, be safe, see you soon.

Sheila said...

How exciting!! You and your new family are almost HOME! I pray all goes well from point A to B to C and D. And the girls can adjust to all the change. Not to mention everyone adjusting back to the time. (Oh, by the way, this is the weekend we get our hour back!!!)

kimjax said...

Have a wonderful flight home - I have enjoyed following along, and would love a BTDT post about adopting two when you get settled. :) Congrats on your two new beautiful daughters!