Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ending the Month the Way we Began It!

Celebrating!   Our Last November Birthday took place on Monday.  Our Jordan turned 17!  Yes He did!

And Guess what he chose for supper?

                      Steak--Bigger than Life-Sized-Ribeyes!

Yes--That is (7) 16oz Ribeye Steaks from Kingsland Meat here in St. Marys.

I didn't even ask Ben how much that cost--I don't want to know!

We finished the celebration with Carrot Cake--Not a pretty, decorated cake--I'm way past that at this point in my life, But a Yummy--Ooo It's Sooo Good Cake!

AND Jordan--I literally just realized that we Never gave you your Birthday Gift! 

 Oh My Goodness--I'm pretty sure that the Mother of the Year Trophy will be gone FOREVER after this OOPS!!!

Sorry Man--Your Mama's wearing the Big "L" on her Head!


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