Thursday, November 10, 2011

Listen--It's Quiet At My House!

That's probably the first time I have said that in the week since we have returned from our trip to China.  :)

AND if you look at the time this is being written--it should be--I'm wide awake at 2:25 AM!!

I've already laid in the bed for an hour hoping to go back to sleep--but nope--not happening.

SO  I thought I would try to give an update of what life is like at the Agee Household now that we have been home for almost a week.

The first word I would say is FUNNY!  We have laughed so much at some of our communication errors.

Our sign language has gotten quite good and we have used the translators some, but over all we are learning how to communicate for the basics.  Believe it or not we are even learning some Chinese. (Very Little--but more than I knew 3 weeks ago.)

Here's a few funny translations gone wrong  . . .
  • Ben tried to give what he thought the universal sign for cutting something out -- You know running your hand across your throat like a knife--after the girls stared at him for a few seconds--and then started belly laughing at their silly daddy, we decided that this must not be universal for "cut that out."  Especially since Hannah and Sara kept running around the house, making the gesture, and acting like their head was falling to the floor and then really laughing.
  • Using online translators--are somewhat iffy.  We tried to communicate to Sara with one of the online translators, what we said was actually translated as something about "a big black lobster" (Not our real words obviously).
  • Laci our dog has been given several commands in Chinese by Hannah--sometimes she acts like she is doing what Hannah says.  (I actually said "Thank You" to Laci in Chinese last night and Sara heard me and when we both realized it we giggled.)
There have been SO MANY MORE--and really I should write some of them down--but Really--I would be a Miraculous Mom Then--and I'm certainly not ever going to be that.

AMAZING will have to be my next word.  I truly am Amazed--in a good way.  We really are blessed by these two new treasures.  They are both so unique and their personalities are really starting to come out.

Sara is starting to open up with some of her expressions and thoughts.  AND I am so proud of the progress she is making on the alphabet and numbers.  I have introduced 9 of the alphabet letters and 6 numbers.  Sara has really begun to work hard at memorizing the letter sounds and numbers recognition.

Hannah is continuing to be our new little monkey and ham.  She does so many funny things and her sweet nature is shining through.  I got sick over the weekend and started running a fever on Monday.  I used the translator to tell the girls that, "Mommy was sick" and they said "OK".  That afternoon before I went to the doctor, I was laying on the couch and Hannah came by and tucked the quilt in close, brought me more water to drink,  handed me a cough drop, and then felt my head and said, "Hot mommy-hot".  We might just have a future nurse or doctor in the making.  It was so sweet. 

Hannah is working hard in school also--but she is having to learn that school is an important routine.  So we are working on staying with mom--instead of wandering away to the toys and barbies.  She is also grasping more words right now.  Her vocabulary is increasing and she is eager to try to repeat the words.

ADJUSTING will have to be by next word.  We are all there at different times.  The boys are trying to get used to all of these girls running around the house, being more cautious of how they dress and being thoughtful of noise at a much earlier time at night.  Ben and myself are having to change our get up and go to bed times, and we haven't even tried to carve out a future "date night", but I know we need to get that in soon so that we can really talk.  Leighanne is having to make changes that includes lots of sharing, and for the most part she has gone above and beyond. I think we are starting to see "glimpses" that her new sisters are here and she is needing a little TLC Too!  (Which is ok by my me--I need some LeiLei time also.)  Sara and Hannah are by far making the most adjustments right now and that is being expressed in a variety of ways.  Some easy to deal with and others a bit more difficult, BUT progress is being made.

That's all of the inside peak right now--but I did want to make 2 Big Shout Outs!

1) We have been so blessed by Bailin and Yan.  They are so graciously translating for us and have a sweet heart for the girls.  Yan had us over yesterday to meet the girls and gave us a special treat of "real Chinese food".  The girls loved Ayi (aunt) Yan.   She also went with us to the girls first eye doctor appointment.  What a huge blessing she was--I don't think Hannah would have participated at all without Yan to explain what she needed to do--THANK YOU--THANK YOU  so much! 

2) Thanks to our church family--Victory Baptist Church who welcomed us home on Sunday with sweet gestures.  A welcome note on the outside sign and a huge banner in church in both English and Chinese.  Thanks for that sweet welcome--we felt the love. (Sara told Yan that she wanted to go to church on Wednesday night--YAY!)

I just looked at the clock and realized I have been at this for over an hour--so I will end this now and try to go get some sleep before 6 AM rolls around. 

I promise to take some pictures over the next few days and post some of our real life moments.

Good Night--Or Good Morning--You Choose! :)



Sheila said...

Your new family life is certainly not boring!! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse.

Kris said...

So glad the transitioning is going so well!!! Praying it continues!