Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful for Family . . .

We were blessed to spend the Thanksgiving Holidays with our families.  Both sets of Grandparents and all of my (Julie's side of the family) were together.

Here's a picture of each of the Rentz Girl's Families.

Kelley & David Emig with  Noah, Kaleb, Matt & Josh

Our Family: Julie & Ben Agee with Zach, Austin, Jordan, Sara, Granny Bum, Leighanne, Hannah & Bum Bum

Karen & Kelly Lewis with Justin,
Will, Caroline & Bethany

Sheryl & Dewayne Herrin with Derrick, Dallas,
Sydney, Shelby, Sterling, and Sarah
THEN . . .

We tried to get a Christmas Picture of all 20 grandkids, Nana, Papa and all 4 daughters and husbands. 

Can you say Utter Chaos?

Gathering the group!

Silliness broke out!

Finally -- all 20 Grandkids with Nana and Papa

All 20 Grandkids, Nana & Papa, and 4 siters with husbands
= Rentz Clan
 Truly Thankful and Blessed!


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