Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday to ME!

I love Birthdays--(well all except my 30th--but I'm 12 years past that one now)!!!

And I couldn't have asked for a better present than to be home with all of our kiddos.  What a blessing!

The boys bought me a great present--a new computer chair.  Mine kept falling to the ground after awhile.

They brought it in first thing this morning and surprised me with it.

For lunch, I met with some girlfriends and had lunch at The Mad Hatter--one of my favorite places.

Tonight I am being treated to a steak and potato dinner by my family.  Yummy!

What a special day--love spending it with friends and family!

I promised some pictures from the weekend--and boy did we have a great time with some sweet friends!

The Davis Family came to visit and we had 12 under one roof for the weekend.

Next celebration day is Friday--Leighanne's Gotcha Day.  Then Saturday is Sara's 14th Birthday.  WooHoo!


jasnjoj said...

Happy Birthday, Julie! LOVE that 4th from bottom picture of you and your girls! OH, how blessed we all are!

Michele said...

Hi Julie,
My name is Michele and I coordinate the ZZ fostercare sponsorships as well as moderate the ZZ Families list. Nathan's mom Joan pointed me to your blog. HaiYan was in our foster care program for almost five years and we have her quarterly reports going back all that time. If you would like copies of these reports (with photos) please contact me at

It brings me great joy to see HaiYan with her family!

Michele Ray Huff
ZZ Families
(Zhuzhou Adoptive Families)