Friday, November 4, 2011

Hannah and Sara Homecoming

After 18 hours on airplanes over a 26 hour period, we were all very glad to arrive in Jacksonville International Airport Last night at 9:17pm.  Me, Julie, Zach, and Leighanne were ready to be home and sleep in our own beds, drink pure water, eat familiar foods, and see Austin and Jordan for the first time in over 3 weeks.  Sara and Hannah were excited to meet their other two older brothers for the first time.

So, when we walked out of the security gate at JAX, we knew it would be emotional with Nana, Papa, Austin, and Jordan waiting to greet us.  What we didn't expect was so many of our friends and church family from Victory Baptist Church also being their to greet us.  We also learned that some that couldn't be there physically were "stalking" our flights watching every moment on Facebook waiting on others to post pictures and video of our first moments back home.  We were also surprised that our friend Bailin was also there to greet us and bring us cookies (something you cannot get in China easily).  Bailin and his wife Yan is the wonderful couple that we met a couple of months ago that is from China originally and have generously volunteered to help with translation, etc. to get the girls transitioned into their new family.  We were overjoyed by such an outpouring of people who were there during the week with work and school the next day.  We were also overjoyed by those who followed us and wanted to be there but couldn't.  Words truly cannot describe the emotions and feelings that accompany having such a group of people at the airport to greet you when you are bringing a new member into the family.

Here is a video that Mrs. Sheila made of the first moments as well as some pictures that Bailin took for us.  Thanks to both of you for capturing these moments for us and sharing them with us.


Diane said...

These pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for posting!

Praying for your sweet girls as they adjust to their new life!

Lillie's Mom said...

Welcome home! What beautiful pic's of your return. :0) I am not only your sister in Christ- but also mother to a 13 yr old girl from China as well. (she came home 2 yrs ago) How exciting that you are also in Jacksonville! Well, we are currently in Fleming Island but not far at all from Jax! Congratulations on your precious new additions! Am going back now to read more about your adoption journeys. Hope you are all resting well and transitioning easily!


The Annessa Family said...

In tears - so happy for your family!


Angie Wainright said...

Julie, I have followed your trip through your blogs and prayed for you. What a journey you have made. I know it is great to be home.

I have to say as I look at your pictures and watched the video maybe the most surprising thing for me was the emotion that surfaced when I saw your mom & dad. It feels like seeing a long-lost member of my family. I have so many memories of our childhood. Not only from church, but also memories of Holidays spent together (Mama has some GREAT Easter photos!!) need to try to list it all here...all the time that our families spent together were great. I am a little weepy just thinking about it. I am proud of you. Wow! Bold belief and God-sized miracles. I will continue to pray for your family's transitional time. Please tell your mom & dad hello for me. You all feel like family to me. <3