Monday, March 28, 2011

Fantastic news on a Rainy Day!

It came in the mail today--wet and a little wrinkled!

But we are still excited and dancing for joy! And . . .

as I write, my sweet husband is gathering all the necessary documents and heading out the door to go get our I797 IMMIGRATION APPROVAL en route to the state of Georgia.  YAY!!!!

They accepted my pitiful fingerprints--but apparently they matched my last 5 sets of pitiful fingerprints.  Praise the Lord!

So after it gets authenticated and resent to us, then it will be off for more authentication and when it returns to us again then we can send our dossier to China. 

Then we will wait again.  But we have made another step to Hannah Grace.  Can't wait to hold her in my arms. 

Thank you Lord for your sweet blessings on this rainy day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Day with Jesus!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. 

It was one of those days that I want to remember. 

A sweet friend, Robbie, who is adopting Zeke and Drew from China, challenged me to pray for the finances for their adoption.  Like us, they weren't "planning" to adopt this year.  And--if you want to see their sweet faces just go to her blog:  Aren't they precious?  And did you see Josie Tatum and Ellie?  They are some of Leighanne's friends.

Okay--back to yesterday.  Well I began my prayer time with praying for their finances, then it moved to our adoption, then to individuals, couples, families, sisters, parents and our church.  Before I knew it, I had been praying for a while.  It was such a blessing to pray for my friends and family.  Then I began to read in Psalms--a book that addresses many of life's issues.  God reminded me of his provision for the Israelites, of the many miracles that took place,  and of how nothing occured without his hand.  I thought thank you--God.  Only you can provide for these adoptions.  I started thinking about how God told the Israelites to tell their families about how God had worked in their lives.  When we tell our kids about how God provided for their adoptions, I want them to see that only God could have brought the money needed to bring them to our home.  That their lives are in the hands of a mighty God, who loves us and provides for us so that we might bring Glory and Honor to Him.

And then my day got sweeter.  I'm pretty sure that I was looking at things a little differently.  I don't normally spend that much time in prayer--and if I'm being totally honest--there are days that other then giving thanks at my meals that I skip prayer time altogether.  But yesterday I "saw" some things through God's eyes.
  • I went to visit a friend of mine. I was just going to drop off what I was bringing to her and scoot, but instead I felt God telling me to go inside and give it to her. When I went in, I found out that she is going through some hard things. God led me to pray with her right then and there.  I was hurting for her.  If I had not gone in, I would have missed an opportunity to spend time in prayer with my friend.
  • Then I went to WECC.  We have supported their ministry since we moved here.  But this year because of our own adoption, we haven't had a lot of spare money.  I had been telling Ben that I still wanted to give to help support them.  I remembered that I was supposed to be getting a check for some consulting that I did in January.  So I went to the mailbox on Tuesday and Wednesday looking for the check--but nothing.  Late on Wednesday, I got an email saying that my check was in the mail, so yesterday I was able to give to WECC.  Again God provided.  Isn't that FUN???  While I was there they also prayed for our family and Hannah Grace and for the adoption process.
  • While I was at WECC, some women noticed my bracelet I was wearing.  It is really a necklace that I wrapped around my arm.  It was a necklace made out of paper beads by women in Uganda and sold here in the states by 147 Million Orphans.  147 Million Orphans buys the necklaces and then partners with families who are adopting to sell them in the states for a profit towards their adoption.  My friend Robbie--who challenged me to pray, who is adopting Zeke and Drew, is who I bought the necklace from to support their adoption.  Some of the women want to purchase a necklace to support both causes.  Yay!!
  • Then I was given a treat by another friend who took me out to the "Mad Hatter" for lunch.  We had sweet fellowship together and started the meal by eating our scones first. YUM!
  • Finally, we had supper with Robbie's son and daughter-in-law who just moved to St. Mary's with the Navy.  What a great way to end the day.  They were a lot of fun.
So  now hopefully I will be able to remember this day that was beautiful--all because of a challenge to pray and give thanks to God for things only He can do!

And so I'm going to challenge you to spend time in prayer for Robbie and Stan's adoption finances, for our adoption, for my friend who is hurting, for WECC and their finances and for anyone or anything else God bring's to mind. Pray!

These are the beads from Uganda.  If you want to get a necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet, let me know.  They cost $25.00 and the profit goes to help Robbie and Stan's adoption and the women in Uganda.  No 2 necklaces are alike.  The beads are made out of rolled paper and dipped in varnish.  Beautiful!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Fingerprinted Today!

Well today is the day we will get fingerprinted for Immigration Approval for Hannah.  I am very excited to be getting to take this next step.

There is a prayer request in here also--I have a problem with fingerprints.  Okay--I know that sounded strange--not a phobia! LOL

My prints just don't take.  So my request for prayer is that my prints will take today--the first time and that we won't be delayed with having to come back in a few weeks and do this again.


Monday, March 7, 2011

"Don't you understand even yet?" -- Jesus

So some of you might be wondering about the title--but you have to give me a few lines to make this all tie in together. :)

A few weeks ago I posted about my "faith wandering" through this adoption process. 

Isn't it just like God to make you have to come face to face with a reality check?

Two Sundays ago my pastor was preaching on these verses, Mark 8:14-21.  They deal with the disciples having lack of faith in Jesus after he has just performed some mighty miracles--feeding 5,000, feeding 4,000, healing deaf, mute, and sick, etc.  Then Jesus asks his disciples, "Why are you so worried about having no food?  Won't you ever learn or understand?  Are your hearts too hard to take it in?  You have eyes---can't you see?  You have ears---can't you hear?  Don't you remember anything at all? . . .  Jesus goes on to question them about the specific feeding of 5,000 and 4,000.  Then he asks, "Don't you understand even yet?"

I'm so thankful that God wanted to remind me--Hey Julie--my daughter--I've Got This!  You don't have to wander anymore.  If I want Hannah in your house--nothing will stop it!  If I choose to not allow her to become your daughter--Nothing you do can make it happen.  I've Got This!  Now in the mean time--get your behind busy doing the things I tell you to do while you walk down this road!

So yes--I think I've been reminded of my place--not Miss in control, but Miss following His way.

Anybody else need to be reminded today?--God has ________!  You fill in the blank--It's His!
Now get your behind busy doing what He wants you to do! :)