Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy February!!!

I missed Christmas and the New Year--so I thought I would start a new Holiday.  Happy February!

You know Halmark needs another reason to sell us a card and a stuffed animal. LOL!

So--Why no blogs?? 

Honestly--I don't have an answer--I just haven't felt like it lately.

WOW--Impressive answer wasn't it?

I knew it was time to put something out there when my eldest said, "Mom--you need to change your blog!"

So here we are already a month into the year 2013 and now I finally have something to say.

Drumrole please . . .

Ok--I have nothing.

I will give you an update on the family though.

Here we go:

Austin and Taylor are still very much in love.  They are holding off on a wedding date, but I did get to see Taylor's wedding band and it will be so very pretty with her engagement ring.  Austin has rejoined the workforce at Chick-Fil-A and is trying to decide what he wants to do for his future.

Jordan has been fortunate to ease out of two classes for his last few months of his Senior Year.  Because he is in the work-study program he goes to school for his two AP classes and then comes home for lunch before going to work.  We and I do mean we, have been filling out scholarship paperwork.  We have been gathering financial documents, transcripts, and other junk important papers, so that we can then deliver/mail them to the right people. But let me brag on Mr. Jordan a little bit.  He won 1st place at regionals in Personal Finance for FBLA, and will be heading to state competition in March.  Woot! Woot! 

Zach has been piddling with his truck and avoiding the J-Word like the plague.  You know the "job" word.  Right now he is content with his unemployed status--but we would like for him to get something part-time.  He does enjoy being the proud owner of his truck and he has been learning how to do a few things with it.  school is coming along--he will get to pick out his class ring this summer.  We are thankful that there will be a one year break between Jordan and his graduations.

Sara is making leaps and bounds in school.  She has completed the 5th and the 6th grade math curriculums and is currently working in the 7th grade.  We are hoping to have her caught up in math before school next year.  Her reading is coming along--she just recently took a test on the book, "White Fang".  This is a high content lower reading level book and she made a 100 on it!  We are so proud!!  She is struggling in the writing process--but we have just hired a tutor for her in this area.  Momma bear was about to lose her mind.  I decided it was best for our mother/daughter bonding to let someone else teach that subject. :)

Leighanne is sprouting her 5th grade wings.  She has 2 dance classes, math team and cheerleading every week.  She told me she loves being a nerd and has taken up doing Sara's math in the afternoons.  She's hanging right there with Sara. 

Hannah is really taking off in reading and math.  She is still getting extra help at school and she comes home excited about school in a whole new way.  She recently made a 100 on her spelling test--we all celebrated because she has been struggling to spell.  She is almost on target in math, and she is making gains there also.

Mom and Dad.  Well what can I say--with the money we were given for Christmas,  we took a mini-vacation.  Yes, just Ben and myself drove to Tampa and got on the Jewel of the Seas by Royal Caribbean.  We spent 4 days on the ship--relaxing.  We could have gone into Cozumel, Mexico, but we decided to lay by the pool and soak up the sun.  Guess what?  No one bothered us--they let us sleep and read.  It was totally amazing! 

What's coming up for us?  A Father/Daughter Dance, an adoption conference, Chinese New Year Celebration, a women's conference, Ben preaching every Sunday, and Julie speaking at a Banquet.  Oh Yeah--a Birthday Party for Leighanne and 10 of her friends!

So stay tuned--I do plan to begin blogging again.