Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Best Valentine's Ever!!!

So I know some of you are thinking that my husband made some grand romantic gesture.

But that's not it. (Actually, this man has shown me love with every appointment we go to, by keeping up with all my meds, when every few days he helps me change out my colostomy bag, by running for a cold washcloth everytime I was sick to my stomach, and when he prayed for me throughout.)


No, our gift that made this the best Valentine's Day came in the form of words from our Oncologist.  These are the words he said today, "After reviewing your CT Scan and your CA 125 numbers, you are officially in REMISSION."

Can you hardly stand it???  God is so good to us.  We are so thrilled!

So what does that mean?? Well it means that no more cancer cells or tumors were detected in scans, blood work, and other tests.

We will be checking every 3 months for a few years.

Now for the crazy news ...
They drained 5.2 liters from my body today.  Yes, that's more than last time.  So the Oncologist and surgeon believe it is due to my lack of lymph nodes.  (23 were removed from my abdomen/pelvic area.)

That does mean that my colostomy reconnection will be delayed until they come up with a plan, OR MY BODY HEALS ITSELF. (I put that in caps because I'd love for that to happen!)

So while we are on cloud 9,000,000 with remission, I still have some healing to go!

But just for a moment, I'm going to need you to give a little bit of praise to Jesus!  Because yall, he has been faithful.  Will you join me in that tonight?