Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Catch Up Blog!

This week we have been in full.  blast.  moving.  mode!  I started the week with my yearly mammogram--what can I say that was a big joy! But at least the lady doing the procedure had Christian music playing in the background and she had a cheerful disposition!

Then, I gave blood--and lots of it.  Not by choice--doctor's orders.  It's time for some more bloodwork to check my thyroid levels.  8 vials later . . . 

Today was eye doctor appointments for Hannah and Sara--new glasses for both!   I'm so glad that our eye doctor and staff make this event enjoyable--thanks Dr. Thomas and Mike!

Tomorrow is our Women's Ministry Event for the month.  This month is called, "Living the Royal Life."  My childhood friend, Angie Thomas Wainwright from Just More Jesus, is coming to share her heart with our ladies at Victory Baptist Church.  I am so very excited!!!  Angie--if you read this today--I am ready to hear what you have prepared sister--bring it!

Saturday brings a baby shower for a sweet family in our church & a dinner for our Young Married Class. (And no--Ben and I do not qualify for this class--but they are gracious enough to let the teachers come hang out with them.)

Other News . . .

I posted on Facebook last week that we were heartbroken when we didn't get to travel to Chicago to see our Austin.  He was supposed to graduate on Friday the 14th from boot camp. 

This is the last day we saw him on July 18th

Taylor and Austin

Last goodbye!

And then the tears came . . .

He has not passed the running part of boot camp.  So right now he has been moved to the FIT area for recruits who need to pass the run or the swim part of basic.   He gets to retest on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So please pray for him on these mornings until I post that he has passed.  We are so proud of him for fighting through this battle.  Keep it up Austin!

AND Last but not LEAST AT ALL!

We are going to start home schooling Sara again.  We are so grateful to the teachers who have been working so hard for her, but she is struggling.  She came home one night this week in tears and asked to be home schooled again.  She says there is too much she doesn't understand.  So hopefully, one day next week, after our school material that I MUST ORDER TOMORROW comes in, we will begin phase two of home schooling for Sara. 

I'm glad that we allowed her to attend school even for the few weeks she has been there.  It helped her to see that she needs to get more English behind her, and it helped that she asked to be home schooled.  

Whew!  Makes me tired to write it and now I must get my behind in the bed--the alarm at 5 am is not pleasent without sleep.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's A GOOD THING That Our Judge Had Pants On!

We went to Superior Court today for Hannah and Sara's Readoption and Domestication today.

It was a lovely visit with Judge Stephen Kelley.  He was very friendly with our girls and he had much grace throughout the process.  Hannah asked him question after question and he answered them for her.  Then he listened while she told him stories about learning English.

But the icing on the cake occured right after he finalized all of the paperwork and we stood up to get pictures.  That's when Hannah noticed his robe.

Before we knew it, our spunky Hannah bent down, picked up the hem of his robe and peeked underneath, and then asked, "What's under that dress?" 

Judge Kelley was very kind and said, "I have on my suit under my robe."

Hannah's curiosity was satisfied and then we took pictures. 

Ben and I didn't quite know what to say, so we just smiled for the camera.

And It is Official Again--Our girls have been readopted and their foreign adoption has been domesticated.

AND I'm positive Judge Kelley will have something to share when he talks to his other Judge buddies!!!

Here is our picture from today.

It's Official--Again!

We will be doing a little celebrating tonight!  (Judge Kelley asked the girls what kind of food they wanted to eat and it looks like it will be Chinese Food!)

A special shout out to Jason and Joli who told us how to complete the redaoption ourselves and gave us the awesome example to follow.  It worked wonderfully!