Monday, May 29, 2017

Big Day Today

Do you know what we did last night???

You got it!  We sterilized baby bottles, and packed a diaper bag(ok--so it is a hiking back pack cause we forgot to buy a diaper bag--but no judgment)

We brought two sets of clothes for just in case. (Mind you we are traveling 45 minutes away)

And . . .

We tried to sleep.  But I've been up since 3:48 a.m.  mentally going over every possible crazy scenario that could happen.  Like do you really think it's possible that we won't hear this little one through out the house?   Ben, however, lost no sleep to random thoughts. 😆

Today--we are going to bring home our first foster care baby here in Honduras.

So with much anticipation and a little bit of nerves, we are getting in the car in just a few minutes.

We have been praying for this day since July 2015 when God planted this tiny seed of moving to Honduras to care for the least of these--social orphans, children in crisis, abandoned babies, neglected or abused.

But yall, please pray for this little one today.  Today will be a day of loss for him.  He is leaving the respite care home he has been with for the last several weeks after he was released from the hospital.

Pray for his sweet caregivers who love this baby boy like he was their own.  Pray for E's sweet mama's heart and T's daddy's love.  They will be experiencing loss today also.

Pray for comfort and peace.  Pray for an easy transition,  Pray for us today and tonight as we love on this tiny little bundle who will soon be placed in our arms.

In Him,