Sunday, June 24, 2012

God is in the Details!

The rain came down about 1 hour before our family pictures were ready to be taken.

Okay--For most people that may not be that big of a deal, but for our family--it IS.

That's eight bodies that have to get ready with clean clothes, fixed hair, brushed teeth, and shoes on.

And that is clearing calendars and making sure no one has to work.

So when it started raining I thought we were going to have to cancel.  I even called Michelle (our awesome photographer) and we talked about whether to go for it or not.  We decided to try.

It rained a light drizzle all the way out to the Jekyll Island Causeway and then it stopped.

When we got to Jekyll--no rain at all.

Here's what the radar showed . . .  Take a good look--Jekyll is the green dot on the screen.

Can you see the open area with NO RAIN???  That's where we were taking pics.

We talked with Michelle and she told me that she had prayed on the way to Jekyll that it would not rain.  I told her that we had been praying the same thing. 

Don't tell me that God's not in the details!!   Today he decided to bless us with an awesome time to get some great family pics.

And when we were wrapping up--the skys opened up and the first little drops fell from the sky.

Thank you God for blessing us with these great memories.

Oh and here's a sneak peak at what some of the pics should look like--Jordan snapped this one with my camera.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have an exciting announcement to make . . .

and No we ARE NOT adopting again (as cool as that would be)

 and NO I am not having a baby (like Sara and Hannah keep asking me to do).

My announcement is just as exciting--an opportunity to work with orphans in Central Asia. 

We have never put the word out on our blog inviting other like-minded Christians to join us in an upcoming trip, but we decided to get the word out and let God move however he might want to move.

So if you would like to spend a few days being the hands and feet of Jesus to orphans in Central Asia then click here and find out all of the details.   You can also email me at for more information.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

20th Anniversary Cruise!


Yes--We DID!

We had such a great time that Hannah-asked to stay 5 more days. We told her that we couldn't afford that. :) 

 And well--I'd would have just loved to pack up a couple of chefs, our waiter, and our steward and bring them to our house.  That would be a Vacation Everyday! 

But Reality is Just that--REAL.  So we came home and back to the dirty clothes, and the dirty dishes.

But on our cruise--We ate, we played, we ate, we laughed, we ate, we swam, we talked, and we -- you guessed it--ATE!

We made memories and we celebrated complete with cake and a candle to blow out. 

Here's a few pics to see how we celebrated our 20th Anniversary.

And that's all folks . . . We love a cruise vacation--especially with all of the mouths in our family to feed.!