Wednesday, September 9, 2015


4 little letters that have impacted my life so greatly.

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The first time God whispered that word into my heart He changed our lives by adding a precious little bundle that weighed a whopping 14lbs at 9 months old.  I actually was ecstatic with those 4 letters- 
M O R E!

The 2nd time I heard the word was about 9 months after Leighanne arrived in our home.  Ben was working with ICARE in addition to his paying job as a computer engineer.  He received a phone call about a group in Texas that needed help raising funds to bring 6 orphans to the states on a hosting trip.  By the time that fundraisers were held and lots of hard work was put in, 20 something orphans were going to be coming and we were going to be hosting a 13 year old.  After 3 years and 5 completed dossiers and many, many hours spent praying and crying our child, "Madina" aged out and we were not able to bring her home.  But through that experience God birthed a transition home in Central Asia that ministered to many orphans who were also aged out.  God did a mighty work and lives were changed.  Along with the ones who gave their heart to Jesus were those who chose drugs and money over a changed life.  And honestly--I thought that we had given MORE.

The 3rd time I heard the word MORE we became foster parents to a hurting child here in the states. Oh the pain this child was in--and she didn't know how to receive our love.  She challenged us, and rejected our love while she was crumbling inside.  After her mother's rights were terminated, we began the process to adopt her.  Instead, we found out that her birth father who never knew that she existed wanted her.  While our hearts were hurting, we did rejoice with her because she was being accepted by her daddy.  Note--I just talked with her aunt a week ago and she tells me T is doing well!

The 4th time I heard the word MORE was during an Orphan Sunday Event.  It began with a simple prayer to find this little girl in China a forever family.  Little did we know that our family would be that family.  One year later and TWO girls later--our family grew from 6 to 8.

This time--the word MORE has not come quietly or in a whisper.  I am waiting to see exactly what God has in His plans, but He is telling me that life for me is going to change.  I am hearing it in sermons, songs, his Word, and in books that I am reading.  (At this time--I don't feel this more is another adoption)  I know that God is moving in the background, in the unseen, in the places that requires faith on our part.  I'm excited and wary at the same time.  I know that He has a big plan ahead--and right now we are in a holding pattern.

I have learned over the years that these little letters M O R E are rarely easy.  In fact, most of the time they have challenged my thoughts, plans, lifestyle, and comfort.  The more I say "Yes" to God's MORE for my life, the more it costs me. 

So I am going to leave you hanging--right where God has me--waiting for the next MORE in my life.