Monday, May 6, 2013

Another School Year coming to an End!

You Got It--We are Almost Finished!  In just 9 days Jordan will complete his high school career.  In 11 days--Zach, Leighanne and Hannah will wrap up their year.  AND--in 19 days Sara will say adios to her year of home schooling. 

Don't throw any rocks--it's not my choice that Sara has to go to school longer. 

Camden County kids only go to school for 166 days.  Homeschool students must complete 180 days.  It's a law here in Georgia--and I'm not about to break that one. LOL!

We are gearing up for a Graduation Party for Mr. Jordan.  We HOPE his Senior Portraits make it here before the party.  Yes--I admit it--we have procrastinated just a little.  But Jordan--independent child that he is--refused to use the school photographers.  Decided all on his own to NOT be in the annual, even declared he didn't want an Annual.  I love that free thinking child of mine.  Talk about doing things his own way!

So now, we are in the last few days of school.  We are trying to make plans for next years schooling, and are waiting to talk to the ESOL coordinator to start making plans for Sara.  We still do not have a definite plan.  We got her scores back from her spring testing.  She has made some pretty good gains since July 2012 in reading and math.  We still have a long way to go--but we will take the progress she is making.

Hannah has really been scoring great marks in math--almost caught up in this area!!!  Her reading is coming along, and we have seen great growth also.  Yay!

Leighanne is finishing the 5th grade this year.  She will make the transition to middle school next year.  Watch out!  I can hardly believe that those words just got typed by this mama's fingers.

Zach will be a Junior next year.  He's starting to look into his future possibilities.  We will wait to see what happens in the next couple of years.  He's really doing more adult things like working at Winn Dixie, working on his truck and paying for his insurance.  Love the responsibility this teaches.

I'm going back to World Changers with Austin, Jordan, and Zach this summer.  We will be heading to Missouri with the Youth Group this June.  I can't wait!

Sara is going to go to a Christian sports camp with a friend who was also adopted from China.  She will be going with the Chinese Church in Jacksonville.  She is super excited!

We are having some friends--Kaitlin and Ashley come over for a week of play this summer--sshhhh!--Don't tell my youngest girls that--they DO NOT KNOW WHO or WHEN yet.

Finally,  we are about to lose our "adopted son", Andrew, to the Air Force.  Andrew moved to St. Marys not too long after we brought our girls home from China.  He is from Korea and he just fits "in" with our family.  He has a funny sense of humor and we love to tease him because he will give back.  He has been a great friend to our boys, and we will miss his dry humor at our table and in our house.  I have told him that I will be glad to be on the look out for a future Mrs. Andrew, so if you know of any available 20ish, sweet Christian girls let me know!  Ha! Ha! Andrew--got you now!

Another pile of changes happening in the Agee home.

Until the next blog,