Saturday, November 17, 2018

Christmas Stockings are Finished!

4 months ...

the amount of time I have been sewing, quilting, piecing, crafting, creating new Christmas stockings.

The tradition of using a Stocking is said to originate in the early 1800's.   Tradition says that St. Nicholas heard about sisters who were very poor and he decided to give them money.  Apparently he threw bags of gold down the fireplace and it landed in the girls stockings that were drying by the fireplace.  

I like this story--whether it's true or not--because can you imagine finding a bag of gold in your stockings?  What excitement that would bring! 

Our family's stockings usually have small gifts like socks, gift cards, chocolate candy and usually an orange(can't remember why an orange--this tradition came from Ben's side of the family). 😉

But I am so excited to finally be finished with these creations, I decided to share them.