Sunday, February 17, 2013



*the act, process, or result of redeeming something or someone: the act of making something better or more acceptable

*the act of saving people from sin

salvation*deliverance*rescue*spiritual rebirth*conversion

Our daughter Sara has been redeemed.

She was abandoned, and was once considered an outcast. However, she was given opportunities to see glimpses of Jesus while in China. Seeds were planted into her life by a orphanage worker and a Christian friend.

When she came home to our family in 2011, she began to have the truth about Jesus revealed to her through numerous people and circumstances.  If we try to name you all, we will miss someone, but just know that if you have had a part in her life, than you have helped lead her to the cross.

For that--we are GRATEFUL!!!

Here is a video of our sweet Sara.

Please celebrate this time with us by praying for all of the others orphans around the world to hear about the love of Jesus and for their Redemption.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Daddy's Girls

"A Daddy should be his son's first hero, and his daughters first love . . . "

I do believe they had the time of their life--their first Father/Daughter Dance.  They left all giggly and returned with smiles in their eyes.  They twirled and turned and danced and it sounds like they had a lovely evening indeed. 

Ben took them out to eat at Mango's.  The owner thought the girls were beautiful and asked if he could take their pictures and put it on their web page.  He then told Ben that because he agreed, the girls' supper was on the house. What a special treat!

They arrived at the dance and had pictures made. Then they were ready to dance.   Before they left the house they drew straws to see who got to dance with daddy first and Hannah won 1st place.  However, Ben said she would not dance to begin with.  After a little while though, she warmed up and then Ben said she would not stop.  He's pretty sure that between all three girls, he danced for most of the evening. 

Nights like last night make me thankful I married the man I did.  He is a fantastic daddy--the girls adore him.  I do too!