Friday, September 8, 2017

Update: 9/08/2017 Chemo Day

So let's just put the jump up and down info. out there first--I get to have chemo today.  My white blood count numbers were actually UP today.  Yall--say what????  The doctors were a little surprised.  Now--not like amazingly higher--but higher is higher and usually they get lower every week.

Next on the list of great news--my CA125 is down to 68.  Normal range for this cancer marker is 38 and lower.  So while it does NOT mean I am cancer free it sure indicates this chemo is working.  Which is a good thing--great thing actually.

Things to pray about--I am still nuetropenic.  My numbers were up, but not good enough to get out of this stage.  AND I have a slight ear infection coupled with a swollen lymph node  in my neck.  Pray that I am healed from this.

Surgery has been moved from Monday, September 25th to Friday, September 29th.  The hospital had a conflict with the doctors' schedule.  So no biggie, just a few extra days to build up my immune system.

Please pray for my new friend "Frances".  She is here getting chemo and needs our prayers.  Pray for God to strenghthen her physically and emotionally.

Pray for our families and all of the people who are facing the storm, Irma.  We are going to my mom and dad's to ride out the storm.  Unless there is a mandatory evacuation.

I am so thankful to be finishing up this part of the chemo.  Pray for the cancer to stop growing these weeks I am off of chemo while my body heals from chemo and prepares for surgery and then heals from chemo.  Pray for all the tests, nurses and doctors involved in the surgery.

Lastly,  let me just give a BIG THANKS to everyone that has helped our family.  We are thankful for the words of encouragement. all the emails and texts, for the financial help, and for all the time and effort that has been carried out for fundraisers.  God is Good!

We just keep walking this road that is so unknown to us, so unfamiliar to us.  It's weird to me that having a port is normal, being a baldy is normal (however, the plus is less time to get dressed), and going to all these appointments is normal.  I listened to a guy this week who has been in remission for 14 years from Colon cancer.  He said ,"my life is now broken into 2 parts--Before Cancer and After Cancer."  There are days I totally get that.  Almost everyday actually.  But everyday I have to get up just like you do and choose to "do" life to the best of my ability even if that simply means I lie there and rest.

Love and hugs,