Monday, January 28, 2019

Finished Project!

First things first, this is Ben's parents, Ken and Margaret, meeting baby Hailey.  Isn't this sweet?  Of course, she will learn to call them Bum Bum and Granny Bum like the rest of their grands on our side of the family.  Leighanne gave them these names when she first started talking.  They are visiting from Alabama--we sure have enjoyed having them stay with us this past weekend.

Finished reupholstered chair

Finished valances for the kitchen

Another finished chair

Valances over the kitchen sink

Table being used at lunch today.  My parents came over to visit for a little while.

How the chairs and table and cushions all fit at the table.

Coffee/Tea Bar 
I wanted you to see how well the colors in here all go together.
I sure love a finished room!
I have really enjoyed (besides the seat cushions--😁) working on this kitchen nook, chairs and valances.  I feel like the room has a great blending of color and comfort.  Just the right mix for having over company, drinking coffee or tea, and playing a game. 

So now that I have finished this first project in the year of 2019.  What's on the horizon?  Not sure yet,  but I have some ideas floating around.

Come back and see.

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cschnuelle said...

Julie,your kitchen is so pretty. I live the colors.