Monday, January 21, 2019

Project Progress: Week 3

The 1st thing I have learned about myself this week is that I do NOT enjoy sewing seat cushions. 


Not even a little bit!

I will gladly pay the $20,000.00 they must cost to have custom seat cushions because that would totally be worth it!

Ok—less drama—but really, those cushions will probably be the last ones I ever sew.

I think they turned out alright, but I had to rip out, and resew more times than I want to mention.

Life is too precious to spend sewing seat cushions so I will just put a check next to that box and move on.

Now staining and polyurethaning the table was easy peasy.  I stained the table top twice and rolled 5 light coats of polyurethane. 

 It is beautiful! 

Sunday lunch was the first time we sat at the table and enjoyed our new kitchen booth and table.

I had high hopes of having the valances  completed, but I pushed that into this week.

I do want to give you a sneak peak at our 100 year old chairs—aren’t they pretty??

I’m hoping to get to stain them and recover the seats this week.

We will see.

So what projects do you have on the radar for your near future?  Let me know and share a picture.

And if there is anyone out there who enjoys sewing seat cushions—you have earned a highly favored gold star ⭐️ in my world.


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paddlemama said...

The seat cushions look great! I would never attempt those. And I always say, if I'm not using my seam ripper, then I'm not sewing. lol. I used to have chairs very similar to those. My (ex)dil always loved my table and chairs so I gave them to her a few years ago when I needed a smaller table to accommodate my granddaughter's play kitchen. Your project is looking fantastic!